Friday, 21 January 2011

Novelty Wears Off - Day 14

Oh how true that is! By and large I’ve kept to most of my resolutions most of the time over the past two weeks. But for some reason I can’t put my finger on I’m not as committed to this as I thought I would be 2 weeks ago. Hence, days missed in reporting in my daily progress on this blog. The intention (road to hell!) was that I’d report in every day, but it gets harder as each day passes. There seems to be some sort of ‘push back’ going on all the time. Maybe it’s just the wrong time of year. I’m not a Winter person at all. It goes very much against the grain doing anything in the dark. I hate the cold as well so getting outside to do any sort of exercise is never high on my ‘to do’ list.
So maybe simply to concentrate for the time being on getting my eating more ‘healthy’ is the sensible thing to do and not to worry about raising my pulse with exercise too much. Not until the days start to lengthen properly as will be noticeable in another fortnight or so.
And maybe too I’ll just ‘report in’ at least weekly and more often if there’s anything to tell the world about. If there’s anybody out there who might be able to give me some encouragement please use the comments box!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Never too old - Day 10

I've seen a 73 year old man on the local tv news this evening training to do 10 marathons in 10 days around one of the lakes in the Lake District. He's had cancer and a heart attack in the past but still since then done the New York marathon and lots of others. If he can do it, then so can I!

We need these sorts of people to give us inspiration. I certainly do. I've not done too badly today. I've tried to pay more attention to what I've committed myself to. I'm not telling myself I'm on a new regime or a new diet; simply that I've committed myself to do these things and eat these things.

But today is all about the example of someone who's been through the health mill and still has the determination to keep healthy. Like he said on the tv interview, you've got to make the most of it because you only come this way once (or words to that effect)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Busy Day - Day 10

A very busy day but I was more successful. I tried to pay attention and at least I kept to the eating regime. It was a day where it was impossible to keep the walking within 2 miles resolution and I think I'm going to drop that one.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Emotional Intelligence - Day 9

I was thinking today about how much we are driven by our emotions. What we feel like dictates how we behave. Or we let it. When it comes to exercise and dieting, I think we need to learn how to put our emotions to one side and to bring reason to bear. It means thinking in a better way, less driven by emotion/feeling. It means being rational rather than emotional.

But that's so difficult when faced with a cream cake or a plate of fish and chips! The response to those and most food is almost entirely emotional, it's instinctive and so not rational. And maybe that's why it's better to try and come to all of this stuff sideways. That is, to try and eat to live rather than live to eat.

It means practising a bit of avoidance though, like not watching those cookery programmes on tv, doing something else when food adverts are on, not going to the biscuit tin when you're feeling bored. And you can only do those things when you are paying attention, as I said yesterday, one day at a time.

My Resolutions for this week are as last week. But I'll try to apply them to myself (not the other way around) a bit more than I did last week.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Fell - Day 8

I fell! Meaning I missed posting yesterday and missed most of my resolutions. A pity it was such a stunningly unsuccessful conclusion to my first week. This journey is already very familiar. I've trodden this part of it many times in the past as I wrote a few days ago. This is the bit of the path signposted 'Good Intentions Street'. It's great at first, such an uplifting place to be, straight and wide. Then as you travel further down it, luxuriating in all the attention grabbing sights such as expectation, fulfilment, promise of well being, hope of success, the side streets beckon you. They lead you off into excesses of one sort or another like, 'just another piece of cake won't hurt' or 'just 10 minutes more lie-in'. Or, just as bad, you trip over something like forgetting, for the fifth time this week, because of your inattention to keep 3 out of 5 of your resolutions and down you go.

This game demands focus first and foremost. And only on the few steps in front. Maybe the recovering addict's proverb 'one day at a time' is the best to live by. Because any dieter, anybody engineering a healthier life is giving up an addiction; the addiction to excess and sedentariness (if there is such a word and my spell checker suggests not) or to be brutally honest, giving up indolence and sheer laziness.

So, on this first day of my second week, with only 39 weeks to go. I'll add another resolution - Pay Attention, One Day at a Time.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One of Those Days - Day 6

Yes one of those days, totally engulfed by work from waking to a few minutes ago 16 hours later. So, I haven't given much thought to my new regime and my resolutions except to notice my departures from them today. That's one of the challenges - how to keep it 'up front', at a high level of consciousness and fit it in with everything else going on around me. Is it the first law of motion - for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction? Well, it seems that way with just about every new initiative in life. Push one way and 'it' pushes back, sooner or later. Like for instance, it's now 10.30 p.m, well past the horizon of my resolution to get more sleep. But it's the first opportunity since lunch time to get something written. And look what time I posted yesterday's 'helping'. And it's ok making a resolution to eat salad every day, but it needs preparing, which takes, yes, more time than it does to eat it. So pushing against that resolution is the 'I've not got time' demon, or worse still 'oh I can't be bothered' devil. So after after nearly a week, and only a week I'm beginning to notice the emotional and psychological and even spiritual battle that is raging for my fitness soul. And all of that is in the great beyond or right within, even before I make the conscious decision about what and when to eat, or whether to walk somewhere or go in the car.

But I won't be beaten and I'll have to find ways of outwitting those demons or at least sidestepping them. Day 7 tomorrow and only 39 weeks left!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Chips, Egg and Peas - Day 5

Well this isn't a diet. As I think I heard Anthony Robbins say on a CD, you can see what the first three letters of the word diet spell. No, this is more of a regime, one that's taking me gradually, almost unnoticed to my goal. So, along with the salad each day, which is new for me, and the two pieces of fruit, my eating regime at present is much as it was, as I was getting to where I am now, or was last week, because I'm on the journey now. So, bring on the chips and egg, for the time being.

I guess that people will get bored very quickly with simply reading about my quirky eating habits so I'm going to try and write a bit more about the cost of this journey (emotional, physical etc. cost that is). I hope then that others who happen to come across this blog might share with me their own particular experiences of getting from fat to fit. Please feel free to comment any time. I'd welcome anything useful.

Monday, 10 January 2011

REMEMBERED the Salad! - Day 4

Well this is a long term project, so I'm allowed to forget a thing or two along the way and especially starting out! The rigorous discipline isn't etched into my psyche yet and if I have to turn on my computer to remind myself of things, as I have to, then there's every chance of me forgetting. But I'm pleased to report that today, I remembered the salad. I had it with cheese on toast. Yes! Cheese on toast. Well, as I keep saying and having to remind myself, this is a long term project. Whenever I've tried to run before I could walk in the past I've, you guessed it, fallen over and hurt myself. Whether it be exercise or dieting or any new project, I've always ended up in pain of one sort or another in the past. So, again, gently does it.

I keep forgetting to move more quickly, like I'm late for everything. But that doesn't square very well with taking things easily and gently. I can see I'll have to be more robust in formulating resolutions each week so that the thinking patterns that go along with them run in parallel and don't oppose.

I'm not doing very well with 'Get more sleep' either. Ever since I made that resolution I've had difficulty sleeping whether or not I've gone to bed at a reasonable time. Maybe it's a 'Don't step on the grass' thing. My conscious mind is telling me to do one thing and my subconscious mind is telling me to do just the opposite. Who knows? I'm just tired and haven't got the strength to work that one out at present.

And I've just looked again at my resolutions and realised that today I forgot the 2 pieces of fruit. Well, tomorrow's another day. I'll maybe get it all right tomorrow???!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Forgot the Salad - Day 3

Work today so I was occupied. It's easy to forget  resolutions but I did my best.

I read recently that to lose weight you should eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day. That way you don't get hungry, blood sugar levels don't fluctuate wildly and you don't feel hungry. Consequently there's less likelihood of over eating. I tried it recently and I have a feeling it will work providing the system isn't abused i.e. being tempted to have bigger meals at the main 'eating times' of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Doing 5 or 6 is a new habit and, like most habits it's hard to break. Getting the portion size right is difficult too. Eating what seems like miniscule amounts for dinner when you are used to a plate full just doesn't seem natural at first. But like everything else, you have to get used to it I suppose.

It has to be combined as well, with exercise of the right sort. But I'm a little way away from sorting out an exercise regime. I need to grow accustomed to a whole new fat to fit regime first, paying attention to this week's resolutions through the daily grind with all it brings in the way of distractions and interruptions and just plain getting on with life generally. This getting fit thing has to become my 'life generally'. So I've got to learn to fit it in with everything else.

And I've just remembered, I forgot the salad!!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Weigh In - Day 2

I weighed myself this morning - 13st. 2lbs. i.e. 83 kilos. (13st. 7lbs. with my clothes on.) All the wisdom says I should be 10st. 10lbs to 11st. 11lbs. i.e. 73 kilos. So, I've a way to go. But 40 weeks to do it which means an average of a pound a week. I'm sure that easy does it is best. When I get some momentum going then I can push myself a bit.

These long nights and very cold days and nights can make me feel miserable. I think making the choice to be happy about what you are doing is key to success. That's why I want this to be fun. It's no good if it's not. It's hard enough to be cheerful in winter without putting yourself through some tough regime which makes you feel bad as well. So, as I said, easy does it and enjoy it.

I kept to my resolutions today and my stomach knows about it! Salad and two apples has come as a bit of a shock especially at this time of year. But it's a small price to pay for the eventual benefit. But this is the full extent of the pain I'll be putting myself through. And it's only short lived. It won't get any more painful than this I can promise myself. And when my stomach gets used to salad and more fruit and veg the pain will subside.

I want also to get rid of the shocking chronic catarrh I've had for months and months. The only thing that clears it up is hot sunny weather. But I can't continue with it like this so I'm hoping my new eating regime, exercise and some gentle therapy will help.

I've been looking through one of my optimum nutrition books to refresh myself on the science of all this. It's too complicated for me now, well not really, it's just that I've not got the concentration span or the patience these days for all that technical detail. It's something to do with being older, fatter and more unfit than ever. You don't really need it though if you're not doing a degree in nutrition or nutritional therapy. No, 'eat your greens' will do for now, plenty water and get moving quicker than I normally do. That will suffice. It's only day 2 remember! Walk the dog now and an early night. Work tomorrow and an early start.

Friday, 7 January 2011

The Start

Friday 7th January 2011 THE START.

I not only want to do this, I NEED to do this. I've watched myself grow fatter and fatter and felt myself get more and more unfit for the last 2 years. I've started lots of times to do something about it but on every occasion I've been thwarted. Within days of starting a diet or fitness regime recently I've either been ill or got injured and not only gone back to my previous level of unfitness, but got worse. I've had all sorts of good intentions but they've been a gold-paved road to hell, the hell being even more fat and unfit. So, I need to do this more by stealth than by outright goal setting, at least at first. The only goal is to get there by 14th October - 40 weeks from today. My resolution is to get slim and fit.

In the past I've lost weight and got fit. I've used all sorts of diets and done all sorts of exercises. My most successful time was just 10 years ago when I did the Food Combining diet and joined a gym. Right at this minute I'm not sure how I'll tackle this. It's got to be gradual and it's got to feel 'natural'. In other words, I've got to enjoy it and enjoy every minute. I'm 61 and life's too short now to be making myself miserable doing anything that's for my own good. No, it's got to be FUN! I'll be 62 just before I cross the finishing line and I want to be fitter and leaner at 62 than I am at 61.

I want this blog to be part of my motivation. I'm a trained coach so I know what to do and I've got to coach myself in this. For years I've been interested in and studied health and fitness and it's now a case of 'doctor, heal thyself'. I want to record my progress on this blog, not necessarily in any systematic way but regularly. I'll try to do it once a day, some time during the day but I'm not going to promise because I'm not exactly lazy but sometimes my emotional state gets the better of me and also I soon feel tired - a result of being fat and unfit more than anything else. Anyway, here's a few resolutions to begin with:
Me in my slimmer and fitter (and younger - 2006) days

(5 a week)
 This week I'll:
1 Get more sleep
2 Move quicker
3 If it's within 2 miles I'll walk
4 Eat salad every day
5 Eat 2 pieces of fruit every day, (not counting orange juice I buy in a carton)
And remember, it's got to be gradual, feel natural and be fun!

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